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Novique is a footwear and apparel brand founded in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania that was built on the pillars of exclusivity, comfortability and originality.



About Malcolm "Mazon" Mays: Founder/CEO

This is a story of redemption. The trials and tribulations that I faced weren't enough to deter me. Though the temptation to walk an easier path is great, my mission to build a legacy that I can pass to my children keeps my flame of passion lit like a torch in the night. I want to pass them knowledge, ownership, wealth and understanding instead of debt, hardships and lack of awareness.


I come from a group of kids sent to a free boarding school in Central Pennsylvania, with hopes of providing an equal opportunity to achieve success. It was there that I developed the mental sturdiness to push through life's hardships; it forced me to adapt and learn a lot of things on my own. I grew up away from home, in homes surrounded by kids with similar backgrounds, dreams and ambitions. Through necessity, curiosity and perseverance, I developed and nurtured skills such as writing, branding, marketing, graphic design and website development, to name a few.


Embrace your origin. Anyone who knows me in the slightest bit can attest to my love for making music. I was famous for pulling all-nighters, wrapped up in a recording program that I downloaded on a borrowed laptop. If you catch me in public with my head down, glued to my phone, I'm not texting, I'm entrenched in research. I listen to podcasts and watch interviews to learn from the mistakes of others and take notes of their success. As a teen, I studied programs and learned how to record myself and later engineered my own music. The loud spirit of entrepreneurship coupled with aspirations for building a music career led me to take many risks, trying to better myself and provide a way for my growing family. I appreciate all the lessons I've learned through trial and error, and I'm fully responsible for my life; I'm in control.

Through the uncertainty of these grey clouds, I know we are fortunate enough to be living in the best of times. Be optimistic and embrace all that life has to offer, there will be valleys and there will be peaks. I'm a musician, I'm an entrepreneur but most importantly, I'm a father. One day you'll perish from this Earth and when that inevitable day comes, what will you leave behind?



Malcolm "Mazon" Mays