About Us


At Novique, we believe that great sneakers can really make a statement. We started our brand with a mission to create shoes that were not only comfortable and stylish, but also exclusive and original. Our founder, who hails from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, saw a gap in the sneaker market for high-quality, unique designs that weren't just copies of popular brands.

In 2019, we launched our first line of sneakers, and since then, we've been pushing the boundaries of what's possible in footwear. Our designs are inspired by a range of sources - from art and music to streetwear and high fashion - and we're always experimenting with new materials, colors, and textures to create something truly special.

We're proud to be an independent brand that's built on the pillars of exclusivity, comfortability, and originality. We believe that our customers should have access to high-quality, exclusive sneakers and apparel that aren't mass-produced. That's why we work hard to create limited-edition designs and unique collaborations with other artists and designers.

At Novique, we're not just a brand - we're a community of sneaker lovers and style enthusiasts who share a passion for bold, original designs. We're excited to continue pushing the limits of what's possible in sneaker and apparel design, and we hope you'll join us on this journey.