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Novique Origin (Abyss)

Novique Origin (Abyss)

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The Origin, the birth of Novique, was designed with expression and comfort. It was crafted from a mix of materials to produce the perfect breathable, lightweight shoe with a cushioned underfoot that provides comfort with every step. The red Novique logo sits high upon the shoe tongue and also within the cushion of the insole.

Lightweight and Responsive
The Origin's bottom sole is super lightweight which naturally reduces the overall weight of the shoe. It is engineered and molded for comfort, flexibility and traction, providing the optimal response with every step.

Functionality and Breathability
The strategically-crafted mesh body provides for excellent breathability and also contributes to the lightweight feel of the shoe. With the Origin, we combined the style of a designer shoe with the practicality of your favorite sneaker.

  • Ultra-soft cushioning

  • Supportive insole for greater comfort

  • Low top

  • Free Novique collector's bag included

  • Usage: Fashion Casual

Washing Instructions

  • Use a soft to medium bristled brush to remove dirt and debris.

  • Do not use a hard bristled brush.

  • Remove laces and soak in a cleaning solution.

  • Clean with a damp cloth.

  • Do not use bleach.

  • Though it is not recommended, if a washing machine cycle is required, always run on a cold water cycle.

  • Always air dry, do not tumble dry.


When will I receive my order? Shoe orders are shipped out via USPS Priority Mail the following business day after an order is received. You will receive a USPS tracking code in your fulfillment email from Novique within 24-48 hours of your purchase. Expected delivery is determined by delivery address and normally takes 1-3 days.

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